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By Giuliano Bortolleto

Asti wine, White Wines

The Asti is a well-known sparkling wine from the Piemonte’s region, in the north of Italy, where there is a city named Asti, which explains the name of the wine. The Asti, as well as the Moscato sparkling wine, is made from the traditional white grape of that area, the muscat. This is one of the most popular wines from that region and in all Italy.

This grape is also responsable for another famous sparkling wine of that region: the Moscato D’Asti, which is a different wine, although is elaborated with the same grape. But that is a matter for our next post. Asti is a litte different from the other general sparkling wines. That’s because there is no second fermentation. There is only one fermentation which is made in a closed tub (autoclave). But before the fermentation is concluded, the producer interrupts it, what creates a high level sugar wine.

That’s why Asti is wordly known as a sweet and fresh wine, particulary perfec to pair with some deserts. Asti is also very easy drinkable, due to the low level of alcohol in the wine, which is a consequence of the interrupted fermentation too. In the end, the drink is sweet and not much alcoholic, however it conserves a very cool acidity that is soon noted as you feel the first citrus aromas.

Asti also has some sweet lime, lemon and apple flavours, and, if you choose a good producer, a very nice perlage too. Although Asti is known as a very sweet wine, which is not a quite lie, it is absolutelly perfect to goes with some apple deserts, lemon sweets and vanilla deserts.

It should be served at 6 to 8 Celsius

German White Wines

February 22nd, 2008

German White WinesWhen individuals think of wine, they tend to relate it to regions such as Napa Valley in California or Tuscany in Italy. Although both of these areas are high producers of various types of wine, there are other regions which produce a fair amount of wine as well. One such area is the country of Germany. German wine varies in type and taste which provides quite a bit of options for wine drinkers who favor this regional wine. The following will detail some German white wines which are quite popular not only in Germany but around the world.


One of the more popular German white wines is Gewurztraminer. This wine can be either dry or sweet yet tends to lean more on the sweetness side. This is a type of wine which gets better with age even though it can be drank shortly after production. Gewurztraminer goes nicely with various foods such as Asian and grilled entrees. This is a great wine to choose when sitting out on the deck on a sunny afternoon.


Another type of sweet white wine is Riesling. Riesling is the result of grapes which ripen later than ones involved in making some other German wines. This white German wine can be made in both a sweet and dry variety but producers tend to make most of the wine in a sweet version. Riesling is a white wine that goes well with Asian foods, seafood entrées and a variety of desserts.


Silvaner is a full-bodied white German wine produced by grapes of the same name. This type of wine is perfect for drinking with a variety of meals as it has a low acidity aspect to it. This type of wine should not be let to age too long and is best opened when it is young.


This popular German white wine is similar to Riesling with regard to popularity. Being the most widely produced grape in Germany, Muller-Thurgau wine is a force to be reckoned with in the wine country of Germany. This wine is flowery in taste and not as acidic in nature as Riesling might be. The overall qualities of Muller-Thurgau make it an easily drinkable and quite enjoyable type of wine.


German white wines are quite popular in the country and around the world. They are best suited for individuals who may prefer a sweeter and less dry type of wine. In general, they are easy to drink and can be paired with a variety of foods. If one is looking for a pleasing white wine, choosing from amongst the various German white wines is sure to yield a positive result.

Source: http://www.mamashealth.com/wine/germanwhite.asp

South African White Wines

February 22nd, 2008

Vines in South Africa | White Wines
South Africa is an area which may not come across to some as a large wine region. This is not the case as more and more wineries and vineyards are popping up throughout South Africa and producing a number of fabulous and highly sought after wines. The white wines of South Africa are particularly delicious and some specific types of South African white wines will be described in detail.


Chardonnay is a type of white wine that sees great popularity throughout the world. In South Africa, this is also the case as many wineries produce this type of white wine on an annual basis. The general nature of South African Chardonnay is citrus aromas, medium to heavy body and a slight oak taste. This type of South African white wine goes nicely with a number of dishes such as roast loin, ham, salmon and halibut. It is also a nice wine to have alongside various cheeses and hors devours.

Sauvignon Blanc

Another popular South African wine is Sauvignon Blanc. This white wine is lighter in body when compared to Chardonnay and may have a scent of grapefruit to it. It is a fresh, crisp type of wine that is easy to drink. This too pairs nicely with many types of food selections. When trying to find the best meal to have with a bottle of South African Sauvignon Blanc, one can choose shellfish, chicken or turkey dishes and have the items compliment one another perfectly.


If one is looking for a sweeter type of white wine, then Riesling may be the perfect choice. South African Riesling typically has a light to medium body and a sweet taste overall. It is aromatic and one may sense a floral scent when they get close to their glass of wine. Although produced with oak, the sweetness of the wine tends to drive away any remnants of the oak that may have remained. When pairing Riesling with food items, one can choose salads, grilled chicken or shellfish dishes to accompany this fabulous wine.


These are the three most popular types of South African white wines which are produced in the country. If one likes a drier type of white wine, they may be best choosing either the Chardonnay or Sauvignon Blanc for their drinking pleasure. In the alternative, those who prefer a sweeter wine with a light body to it may find that Riesling is the perfect wine for them. No matter which type of white wine is preferred, one will ultimately find that South Africa has its share of wonderful wineries and delicious white wines.

Source: http://www.mamashealth.com/wine/safwhite.asp

Spanish White Wines

February 22nd, 2008

Spanish White WinesWhen many individuals think of desired wine regions, two countries such as France and Italy tend to come to mind as being the forerunners in the wine industry. Although this is somewhat true, there are many other wonderful wine regions where the production of this favored beverage is quite voluminous in nature. Spain is one such country which produces its fair share of wines. The following will highlight various types of popular Spanish white wines which are consumed within and outside of the country.


Cava is a unique type of Spanish white wine in that it is sparkling in consistency. This type of wine is produced in a way that is similar to Champagne. Cava is light, smooth and has fruity overtones to it. Due to these qualities, it is extremely easy to drink and goes well with a number of food genres. The three different grape varieties which are often used to make Cava include parellada, xarello and macabeo although other grape varieties may exist depending on the winery that is producing this type of white wine.

Rioja Blanca

Rioja Blanca is another favored white wine that is produced in Spain. This wine tends to be yellowish in color with some greenish overtones to it. As for taste, the finished product brings about a light, flavorful result which is easy to drink. Three main types of grapes are responsible for the production of Rioja Blanca which include malvasia, viura and garnacha blanca grapes.


Albarino is a very popular white wine throughout Spain. This wine is the result of grapes grown in the Galicia region of Spain. Albarino is light yet with high acidity and pairing it with a variety of seafood dishes really brings out the flavor of both the wine and food. This crisp wine is a great white wine for individuals who may prefer a taste which is light yet fulfilling in nature. With just one sip, one is sure to understand why Albarino remains to be one of the most popular white wines in Spain.


Viura is a white wine that is similar in some respects to Albarino yet differs in others. Viura may have less acidity than Albarino but still have the crisp, light flavor which makes Albarino so popular. Many individuals choose to purchase a nice Viura over Albarino for the cost differential. This is a great Spanish white wine to select for fish and poultry items as it will go nicely with either meal and not be overpowered by the entrée selection.


Spain has much to offer in the way of white wine selections. Whether one is visiting the country or is visiting their local wine store, they are sure to find a wide selection of Spanish white wines to choose from for their drinking pleasure.

Source: http://www.mamashealth.com/wine/spanishwhite.asp

Australian White Wines

February 22nd, 2008

Australian White WinesAustralian white wines are quite varied in nature. No matter what type of white wine one prefers, dry or sweet, they are sure to find the perfect Australian white wine to match their tastes. There are quite a few different white wine varieties being produced in Australian vineyards and some of these will be discussed in detail. The following will describe not only their inherent qualities but the foods one may wish to pair with them as well.


One of the more popular types of Australian white wines is Riesling. Riesling is usually a sweet, fruity wine which tastes wonderful chilled. With Australian Rieslings, these types of wine are often drier in nature with much less sweetness than their German Riesling counterparts. The Australian Riesling, although not as sweet, still maintains a highly fruit-filled taste and aroma. Rieslings pair nicely with a wide array of foods such as poultry, fish and certain shellfish entrees. One may also wish to have a glass of Riesling with certain desserts as well.


Another popular Australian white wine is Chardonnay. Although relatively new to Australia, numerous vineyards in wine regions throughout the country have started planting these types of grapes. The Chardonnay varieties produced in Australia differ amongst wines from various vineyards. Some vineyards produce Chardonnays which are smooth whereas others are of a more crisp variety. This provides options for individuals who like a certain type of Chardonnay.

Chardonnay is a popular type of wine not only due to its delicious taste but also because it pairs nicely with a number of entrée selections. One can serve a bottle of Chardonnay when serving salads, pork, fish, shellfish or pastas such as ravioli, for example. Chardonnay is a type of wine which pairs wonderfully with various types of food which makes it a nice item to have on hand when preparing a dinner.


Australia also produces a good quantity of Semillon white wine. This type of white wine can be bottled alone or in combination with Chardonnay. Semillon is quite a dry wine that is full bodied with good acidity attributes. This wine is best produced in warmer, more humid areas of the country and the result is a delicious, dry wine that goes well with a number of foods including salads and certain fish entrees.

Pinot Grigio

One will also find that Pinot Grigio is being produced more and more in Australian wineries. Typically produced in Italy and France, Pinot Grigio is becoming more common in Australian wine regions as well. This wine is best produced in areas that are cooler in climate and the result is a crisp, dry wine that works nicely alongside ham, fish, shellfish and pasta dishes.

Source: http://www.mamashealth.com/wine/austwhite.asp

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