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By Giuliano Bortolleto

Asti wine, White Wines

The Asti is a well-known sparkling wine from the Piemonte’s region, in the north of Italy, where there is a city named Asti, which explains the name of the wine. The Asti, as well as the Moscato sparkling wine, is made from the traditional white grape of that area, the muscat. This is one of the most popular wines from that region and in all Italy.

This grape is also responsable for another famous sparkling wine of that region: the Moscato D’Asti, which is a different wine, although is elaborated with the same grape. But that is a matter for our next post. Asti is a litte different from the other general sparkling wines. That’s because there is no second fermentation. There is only one fermentation which is made in a closed tub (autoclave). But before the fermentation is concluded, the producer interrupts it, what creates a high level sugar wine.

That’s why Asti is wordly known as a sweet and fresh wine, particulary perfec to pair with some deserts. Asti is also very easy drinkable, due to the low level of alcohol in the wine, which is a consequence of the interrupted fermentation too. In the end, the drink is sweet and not much alcoholic, however it conserves a very cool acidity that is soon noted as you feel the first citrus aromas.

Asti also has some sweet lime, lemon and apple flavours, and, if you choose a good producer, a very nice perlage too. Although Asti is known as a very sweet wine, which is not a quite lie, it is absolutelly perfect to goes with some apple deserts, lemon sweets and vanilla deserts.

It should be served at 6 to 8 Celsius

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