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By Giuliano Bortolleto

As the summer has came, the hot climate come to inspire us to drink fresh dinks. And if you are a wine fanatic appreciator as me, you cannot pass through this without drinking good wines. Of course you will not be able to taste and degust full-bodied and
complex red wines due to the high temperature. So it`s time to try some fresh and pleasant white wines, which are very easy to drink in low temperatures and refresh your summer with charm and elegancy.

Here I am going to present you four Sauvignon Blanc wines. This grape is very special to the summer. Sauvignon Blanc is one of the most fresh and refreshing grapes to taste, and its subtleness and simplicity makes it the perfect choise for a hot day. The grape is also good when harmonized with light fishes, salads and sea food. Check out the options.

Casa Lapostolle Sauvignon Blanc 2007
The first one is the Casa Lapostolle Sauvignon Blanc 2007. This is my favorite. Its flavours of green apple and pear make a fruity taste. But the difference of this wine is its mineral flavours. This is a characteristic of the wines of the Colchagua Valley in Chile. The rocky soil of the region adds to the wine this mineral flavour, which gives a freshy taste and a special smell to the Sauvignon Blanc of the Valley.

Another very good option to the summer is the Equus Sauvignon-Blanc 2007 of the Winery ViƱa Haras de Pirque, Maipo Valley in Chile. This one has some little differences. One of them is the body of the wine. It has a greater density then the Casa Lapostolle one. Still, it is a very fresh and fruity wine. With aromas of pine apple and green apple, and also with some spice perfumes. The taste is very persistet. Pairs with soles and light risotos.

The third Sauvignon Blanc wine is the argentinian El Portillo 2007. Thiis is the most fruity one. Pine apple, pear, green apple and melons too can be easly smelled. The wine is very perfumed and has a simple but refreshing taste. It is also vey cheap.

Alamos Sauvigon Blanc 2007
The last one belongs to a Catena Zapata winery. It is the Alamos Sauvignon Blanc 2007. This is also a special aone. Fruity and mineral, is one of the most fresh ones and pairs very well with sea food. A nice choice to drink in a sunny day.

All of thiese wines, as you can see, are from 2007. It always a good idea to drink a Sauvignon Blanc wine as soon as it come in the store.This is a grape that does not develop its tastes and flavours. On the contrary, it can rapidly loose some characteristics of fruits. The ideal temperature to drink this kind of wine is 11 or 12 Celsius. Drink a refreshing sauvigon blanc and enjoy your summer with pleasant wines.


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